Eat Healthy. Give Back.

At Fitrix Foods, we are grateful to have been given the privilege of residing in one of the most amazing countries in the world. We live in a country that provides opportunity, liberty and success to anyone who desires it and wants to work for it—a place where your dreams and goals can become reality with a lot of dedication, perseverance and hard work.

However, most people who live outside the United States of America are not afforded these opportunities. Many live in countries where it is much harder to achieve one’s dreams, and the majority of the population are not even afforded basic necessities for survival.

We believe that where much is given, much is expected. That’s why we want to do our part in giving back and helping those who have not been given the same opportunities we have received. We feel it's our responsibility to help those less fortunate, who cannot help themselves—so as a company, we are giving back to the organizations shown below, to help them work towards their objectives. Every month, a percentage of our profits goes to these organizations, as a way of doing our part. If you would also like to do more, you can click on the links to their websites and visit their “donate” pages. Any contribution you make will be money very well spent, and will allow you to have a direct impact on someone’s life.  

There were a few things we looked for when choosing which organizations to support. First of all, the organizations had to be involved in causes that we are passionate about and have a heart to support. They must have clearly stated goals and purposes, with proven track records. Also, the organizations must have easily accessible financials, through their website or through requests. We want to be sure there is full transparency, and that most of the money we are donating is going to their cause and not being wasted on salaries and administration expenses. We require less than 10% of the organization’s total income to go towards their administration, while more than 90% of their income goes towards their stated purpose. So, you can rest assured that the monies we donate are being used wisely.


Impact Africa

Impact Africa’s mission is to serve, educate, and rescue people in South Africa through its Christian ministries. The organization’s international staff includes Americans and Africans, and its programs create jobs and opportunities for local South Africans.

Education is one of Impact Africa’s most important initiatives. Research shows that attending preschool reduces the school dropout rate by 60 percent. Impact Africa’s Impact Kids preschool ministry provides daily education and care to over 400 orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC), and serves over 4,000 meals per week. Impact Kids preschools also provide job opportunities for local South Africans. Currently, Impact Kids operates four preschool locations, with plans to expand. For older students in public high school, the Impact Students program teaches leadership skills. This is critical in a community where only 30% of students who begin 1st grade go on to complete grade 12. Impact Students reaches out to 2,000 students per week through assemblies, 6- to 12-week courses, short-term outreach trips, leadership retreats, and one-on-one life coaching.

Rescuing children is also central to Impact Africa’s mission. In Johannesburg, three infants are abandoned every day. The Impact Africa Baby Rescue Center rescues abandoned babies, helps prevent baby abandonment, and provides life-long family care. Impact Africa advocates on behalf of young mothers by providing counseling, education and parenting training. The organization also facilitates a Baby Safe dropbox, where parents can safely place children, instead of abandoning them on the streets. The Center’s staff are all registered as legal foster parents, and can provide care for children until they are legally cleared for adoption. The Impact Africa Baby Rescue Center works in partnership with local police and fire stations, clinics and hospitals, and the Department of Social Development. To date, the organization has rescued 94 abandoned babies.

Impact Africa provides service opportunities for individuals and communities to join their work through short-term trips, global internships and long-term missionary positions. Participants assist those living in impoverished communities, help lead children’s programs, advance the gospel, and may have the opportunity to visit a clinic with Impact Africa’s Baby Rescue Team. Fitrix Foods is proud to give a portion of its profits to support Impact Africa’s programs.


Agape International Missions

According to the International Labor Union, over 40 million people are living in modern day slavery. Human trafficking is defined as a situation in which human traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to exploit victims for labor or sex acts against their will. Agape International Missions (AIM) rescues people from child sex trafficking, organ trafficking, baby trafficking, international bride trafficking, labor trafficking, domestic slavery, and more. To date, AIM has rescued 1,000 people from trafficking and exploitation.

AIM is based in Cambodia, where sex trafficking of adults and children is prolific. It has been estimated that 260,000 people are living in slavery in Cambodia. In Phnom Penh alone, there are between 15,000 – 20,000 prostitutes, 15% of whom are under age 15. About 40% of the people AIM rescues are minors. Cambodia has become a hub for human trafficking because of its location, history and economic challenges. Cambodia is making progress to protect victims, prevent human trafficking and prosecute traffickers, but corruption is still a problem. 

AIM’s programs fight sex trafficking holistically by providing programs for at-risk children, youth and families, educating local men, and working with local authorities and their own SWAT team to rescue victims. The organization also restores survivors and helps them reintegrate into society through counseling, education, housing, better employment options, and more. AIM’s programs include the AIM School, which educates 1,500 children from low-income families, the Rahab’s House Community Center, which provides free food, medical care, dental care, education, a kids’ club and church services to locals, and the AIM Healthcare Center, which provides health care to the staff and individuals within its programs, totaling around 500 people. These are just a few of the many programs AIM provides.

Fitrix Foods is proud to support AIM’s mission, as the organization changes lives and creates hope for future generations.